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re-a.d is an award-winning interdisciplinary design studio founded by french architect côme ménage, with offices in new york, miami and paris.


re-a.d projects foster an intentional relationship between the individual and the built environment, exploring architecture as a medium for ideation and communion, facilitating growth and community. each project is seen as an opportunity to create the conditions to live, work and share space differently. principal côme ménage brings a globalized perspective to the firm’s commercial, residential and hospitality projects, rooted in environmental stewardship and committed to accessibility.


re-a.d is ultimately about creating work that is legible across cultures and competencies, leveraging their team of architects, designers, engineers and craftspeople to proactively develop creative, site-specific solutions to the challenges presented by contemporary urban living. by fostering a uniquely holistic approach in their studio practice, re-a.d is able to create work that is at once analytical and romantic, perceptive to feelings and responsive to every lived experience.

who we are
how we think
what we do

+ what we do

We do a lot. Some of it you know, some you can guess and some we want to tell you in person.

Oh, there is also what we haven’t advertised yet but that we are ready to include in your project. Especially if it is about new materials and techniques so that we can feed our makers.


Here is a short-list


+ Architecture & Planning:

Comprehensive architectural services

Programming and feasibility analysis

Schematic design

3D Computer Rendering/Modeling/Visualization

Design development and documentation

Construction administration and project management

Code Compliance

Due Diligence


+ Positive & regenerative

Schematic level energy & daylight modeling

High-Performance envelope design

Double skin facade (DSF)

High tech and low tech flow management


+ Historic & landmarks

Rehabilitation & Historic Preservation

Adaptive reuse

Landmark filing

Energy efficiency upgrade


+ Design & Branding strategy

Design thinking

Brand platform

Brand architecture

Brand design

Experience consultancy


+ Design and Construction

Contractor bidding&contractor negotiation

Coordination of consultants and engineers

Finishes and lighting

Wood design and work

On-site high-end construction

Bio-sources surfaces

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