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baltic sea coastal study

type : professionnal competition

client: city of trelleborg

program: strategical planning

location: trelleborg, sweden

budget: -

area: 5m sq.m.

calendar: 2017 (collaboration with nans voron)

baltic sea coastal study: baltic sea[d] re-uses dredged materials to construct a dynamic system of barrier islands and a restored coastal wetland alongside sweden southern beachfront. the vegetated islands use a layered resiliency approach, acting as breakwaters to reduce risk from storm surges and winds. the barrier islands and wetland mitigate the pollutants generated by agricultural practices that have seeped chemicals and nutrients into the streams and sea. a carefully curated selection of native plant species will remediate the excess nutrients in the water, ending the wild algae blooms and their dramatic impacts on marine habitats.


positioning itself as a self-sufficient community, generating its own resources in energy and water, the project anticipates growing algae to generate bio-gas and clean wastewater. the project envisions the future of a climate-resilient trelleborg. 

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