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Beach Front House I Los Angeles, CA



Type: Ground Up

Client: Private

Program: Residential 2 Units

Location: Playa del Rey, Los Angeles, CA

Area: 3500 sq.ft.

Calendar: Unbuilt 2017

Role: Re-A.D as Design Architect


(interiors by MEGAN GREHL design)

LA Beach House: For humans to inhabit a natural environment, a design must simultaneously respect and disturb it. This project is a private residence on a beachfront property in California with clients that wanted their new home to be apart of the views of the Pacific Ocean and white beaches. The project works in the tension between natural and manmade materials, considering the human need for shelter and desire to immerse fully into the surrounding environment.

The design both mimics the surroundings and uses local site resources in an effort to fully inhabit the landscape. The exterior walls are made of material excavated from the site’s basement, compressed into a rammed earth shell. This shell brings the sand of the beach as close as possible to the inhabitants at every level. On the surface, a series of metal and glass cutouts create views towards the beach from every room in the house, layering the inhabitants’ relation to the site through material and visuals.

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