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Four Direction I Providence, RI

Type: Professional Cultural Competition

Client: City of Providence

Program: Cultural Landmark Public Art

Location: Providence, RI, USA

Area: 5,000 sq. ft.

Calendar: 2022

(collaboration with Allison Newsome, Deborah Spear Moorehead, John Stephenson, Richard Goulis)

Four Directions is a landmark public art piece that aims to bring people together for a sensory and learning experience, paying respect to all residents of providence throughout the history and celebrating the value they bring to our community. the sculptural work consists of many elements that are thoughtfully designed and integrated to the site.

We envision this site to be a place where one feels a connection with all humanity, nature, a place to contemplate our histories, where we come from, and where we are right now 'in the moment', a place to share ideas, art, goods, information, and engage in environmental stewardship of our shared home. This will be a place where one will feel a resounding feeling of interconnectedness to the site on many levels, in physical, visual, and auditory modes, with touching, seeing, and listening, and going forth to teach the water protection song to all women, and will equally inspire questioning, learning, contemplating our histories, and our future. The river always has been and will continue to be, past and present flowing together.

Nee bee wah bow 

En die en 

Aah key mis kquee 

Nee bee wah bow 

Hey ya hey ya hey ya hey 

Hey ya hey ya hey ya ho

Thirteen Grandmothers’ 

Sacred Water Protection Song

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