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Harlem Narrow Townhouse I NYC

Type: Renovation

Client: Undisclosed

Program: Residential 2 unit

Location: West Village, NYC

Area: 2,200 sq.ft.

Calendar: unbuilt-2015

Role: Re-A.D as Design Architect and Architect of Record


(Carolina Moscoso as interior designer)

Harlem Narrow House: The family living in this narrow townhouse is growing. a couple plus 3 kids will soon need more than 2 bedrooms.

Enlarging the building, the project inserts a narrow staircase that carries the family to their new living room on the 4th floor. The shell of the house extends vertically and hosts a series of roofs that will bring light crucially needed in the middle of the 12 footers. The roofscape also creates as many roof spaces as it defines spaces through ceiling heights below. Each member of the family will have its own area to flourish and learn to live together.

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