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Harlem Penthouse I NYC

Type: Renovation
Client: Undisclosed
Program: Penthouse
Location: Harlem, NY
Area: 1,300  sq.ft
Calendar: Delivered 2020
Role: Re-A.D as interior designer

(GD Arradamenti as millwork manufacturers)

Harlem Penthouse Renovation: The minimal, bi-tonal mood of this penthouse embodies an aesthetic that pushes forward the truthfulness of space and raw materials over style. Earth tones, whitewash paints, wood floors, and natural wood bring a calm, peaceful experience to the living spaces. Dark, moody bathrooms and kitchen invite for an intimate experience for select areas of the house.

The entire renovation uses indirect lighting and brings smart control (coordinated through Lutron) to further soften the mood and sharpen the senses when walking across the apartment.  

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