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Lambert & Fils Showroom I NYC

Type: Commercial Renovation

Client: Private

Program: Retail

Location: 165 Duane Street, Manhattan, NY

Area: 1,200  sq. ft

Calendar: 2019-2020

Lambert&Fils: Re-A.D supported Lambert et Fils' new showroom as local architects through the thinking, permitting, and renovation phases of the space. In the heart of Tribeca's design district, in celebration of their 10-year anniversary, this historic space is now reinterpreted as a luminous white box to enhance focus on the objects. The Lambert and Fils team conveyed their intentions and we translated them into space over the course of several months. The window arches have been simplified, the material palette homogenized, and the visitor's experience conceptualized, allowing us to celebrate the space's past while anchoring it into the present.

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