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north fork house

type: ground up
client: undisclosed
program: private house
location: the north fork, long island, ny
budget:    $1m
area: 2,500 sq.ft.
calendar: delivery 2020
role: re-a.d as design architect

(interiors by megan grehl design, amp architects as architect of record)

north fork house: this extension project builds on a classical siding and roof structure hampton/north fork house. we add a flat roof contemporary 2nd/ floor, bringing a much needed master bedroom suite that is solely concentrating its views toward the sea. the large windows create a portal allowing for an immersive experience of living on the coast, directly enjoyable from the bed.

several elements of the house have also been upgraded to provide a better experience: a new entrance pavilion, an art storage garage and a guest house in a small nearby pavilion.

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