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Parisian Pied-à-Terre I Paris, France

Type: Renovation

Program: Residential 

Location: Paris, France

Area: 1,300 sq.ft.


This apartment, located in an 1800 building, had original moldings and trims/paneling that was a bit more ornate than the classic Haussman-era interiors. The place had a typical layout for a Haussmann apartment, with the grand entrance on one side and the small staircase and back entrance for the servants on the other side. READ Architecture took over to seal the back entrance to include a larger bathroom for the primary bedroom and opened the small functional kitchen to the back room corridors to adapt to the contemporary habit of spending so much more time in the kitchen.


The spa has its own unique charm, with the washed-out white floor planks, the greenery, and the antique mirrors and lights. What leads to this room from the entrance is probably the room that has the best mix of old details and vintage design: the living room. The curation of furniture pieces made by Megan and Côme is a mix of round furniture from the 80s, antiques, that are mixed with Odile’s ceramics from the 60s, and Willie Guhl vases.


It’s an all-out contribution that resonates with the ornate 1800s detail of the room in a special way. The dark room allows for a break in the middle of the apartment that brings the lighter rooms into focus. As you look at the lighter spaces from the portals of the dark room, it creates picture frames of the old and contemporary mixes that live in the lighter spaces. A design hand in hand that is timeless, and special yet adequate for a chic everyday lifestyle.

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