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côme ménage

from paris, france

megan grehl, principal  


megan established megan grehl design in 2014 and brings her refined ideas about materials, interior details and furniture to re-a.d. she studied art history and urban planning at the university of pennsylvania from 2004 to 2009. she worked for a large scale planning firm before giving in to her real interest. her taste in interior design led her to refine her focus on art direction through practice for residential interiors and commercial projects. megan gained recognition when she led the ff&e department at the prestigious firm neri and hu in shanghai from 2011 to 2014. working at a large scale international firm allowed her to confidently complete projects at a global level. living and working in china allowed megan to become fluent in mandarin. she is now practicing between new york and los angeles. megan is also starting her furniture and lighting brand worldwide in 2017. ​ ​​ ​

côme ménage, founder and design principal

aia, ncarb, cphd (certified passive house designer), msc. urban design

côme is a licensed architect in the states of ny, nj and in europe. he started its own practice, re-a.d, in 2017, that operates from the historical district of dumbo. practicing out of new york city, there are many opportunities to renovate instead of building anew. as a contemporary practice, that means a constant evaluation of the positioning to take in relation to past layers of interventions encountered in older buildings and how they influence our work. the attempt to appropriately intervene within existing contexts can be seen on historical projects such as a renovation of a historical carriage house in ny west village, a store behind a historical storefront in tribeca, designs for which côme has been invited as a board member of the new york landmarks preservation foundation. it can also be seen through larger projects, such as the renovation of the façade proposed on 500,000 sq.ft. building 63 madison avenue, a project that earn the office the runner-up price in the metals in construction challenge 2020 organized by the ornamental steel institute of new york or the façade of 50,000 sq.ft. millo condominium in astoria. 


in 2020, côme’s many interests bring richness to the projects at re-a.d. as a certified passive house designer, he brings sustainable thinking at the core of each design. he also explores custom fabrication techniques such as exemplified by the winning prize i the category ‘made in the boroughs/ at the nycxdesign award 2020 for the sculptural entry ‘surfbench’. 


megan grehl

from new york, usa




fabián guerra, project manager for nyc  


born in new york, fabián spent most of his life and education in bogotá, colombia, where he received a bachelor of arts in architectural design from the pontificia universidad javeriana. before joining re-a.d, fabián gained experience as a junior architect in a diverse range of architectural projects in colombia, chile and new york, where he specialized in retail and housing. fabián has also participated in a number of architectural workshops and museum installations, fulfilling his passion for creative design. fabián is a fluent speaker of english and spanish and enjoys working on architectural and urban renovation projects. ​ ​


fabián guerra

from bogota, colombia


stan de saint quentin, project management officer for nyc


stan graduated with a master’s degree in project management engineering. his career led him to take management responsibilities in various international contexts, from france to china, egypt and canada. he consulted with many companies for various business sectors, each time enabling expansion and a significant growth.


he has always been curious about the reality of design and construction world. he decided to extend his set of skills and open his career to our industry. at re-a.d, he was initially trained on how to perform daily administration of construction sites. his background in holistic project management in various culture provide us with context and allow for an interesting feedback on our industry’ standards. since then, he has been hired to consult the management of our expanding projects, making sure we align our operations with the strategic development plan of the company.

stan de saint quentin

from montreal, canada

umay gunes kurtulan

from istanbul, turkey

prior to receiving his bachelor of architecture from pratt institute, gunes completed her education in her hometown istanbul, turkey where she gained experience working as a junior architect. she enjoys working interdisciplinary with architecture, art, film and communication. at re-a.d gunes is currently a junior designer and manages offices's social media and marketing efforts. 

melanie ting

from melbourne, australia

born in malaysia, melanie grew up and received her bachelor of interior architecture in melbourne australia. now based in nyc her interdisciplinary work spans across workplace, education, hospitality and residential sectors. her work dissects interior design, architecture, styling as well as branding to create spaces that enrich the daily lives of the people in the spaces. she is highly motivated by the concept that as designers we have a responsibility to provide environments that enrich, inspire and shape human interactions. her motivation as an interior designer is to ensure each client receives an informed space suited to their specific needs as well as improves their daily lives. 

20181119-Marceau_0037_BW_WEB 1.jpg

marceau guerin, project manager for europe  


marceau got his ph.d. in environmental engineering at columbia university, seas, and his undergrad in energy efficiency in france. he has been researching on forest resilience for many years and obtained a sharp understanding of complex systems. since he spent his life in cities, he is our perfect fit to bring nature-inspired solutions to urban scenarios. three words bring him to life: co-living, low-carbon and regeneration. ​ ​

marceau guerin

from paris, france ​ ​


geoffrey ménage, project manager for europe  


geoffrey graduated from the ecole special d'architecture in paris with a bachelor in architecture. after working in various countries (france, china, uk, japan), he is joining forces with re-ad. his expertise covers housing and luxury hotel. he worked as a member of the architectural team in charge of renovating the ritz hotel, place vendome in paris. ​ ​


geoffrey ménage

from paris, france ​ ​



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