venn city co-living initiative

type: strategy and branding
client: venn city
program: residential furnishing, communal spaces
location: bushwick, ridgewood, brooklyn, ny
area: varies
calendar: 2019-ongoing
role: re-a.d as designer and strategist, brand consultant

(collaboration with carolina moscoso, myrtle&wave, clearstudios)

venn city co-living initiative: venn is creating a neighborhood-wide network through apartments, shared spaces, and community programming. all made for urban neighboring. somewhere within the madness of city life, we want more time to see friends, explore our interests, make a positive impact, and yes, even feel comfortable popping over to the neighbor for a cup of sugar. we imagine a place we can really call home…maybe even bring up some kids together.

venn’s mission is to help you enjoy city life with more space, more human connection, and more impact.