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Weissenhof New Bridge I Stuttgart, Germany

Type: Competition

Program: Urban Design, Adaptive Reuse

Location: Providence, RI, USA

Area: 30,000 sq. ft.

Calendar: 2022

(collaboration with Jeff Reuben (Philip Habib & Associates) - Urban Planning, Sempervirens Pay-sagistes - Landscape Architecture)

For it’s 100th year, Weissenhof Estate launched a competition to re-think the site and propose new buildings as an addition to the existing complex of the academy of fine arts (ABK). 


Weissenhof was historically an exhibit concentrating one of the largest number of buildings designed by the architects at the center of the birth of the modern movement. This icon that has now lost more than half of its buildings and it will only shine again by finding a new critical mass of remaining buildings, a curated path and a good sequence of arrival to be put back on its feet. 

We believe Bruckmannweg can be this new center street of the WS and that the historical stair south of the compound can be the iconic new entrance through which the WS will be experienced. It is a legitimate entry point to the complex, with a direct view of several WS original building, including he UNESCO building heritage of Corbusier. The visitor is lead to this new entrance via an elevated panoramic pathway lalong the Friedrich-Erbert-Strasse. The challenge lays in transforming the existing street into an attractive pedestrian pathway, where car traffic can co-exist. The panoramic bridge also becomes part of a new sequence of access to the Weissenhof compound starting in the West with public transportation - U Bahn and several bus stops located at the Stresemannstrasse.

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