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Wyckoff Manor

Type: Commercial

Client: Venn City

Program: Co-working/event space

Location: 10-22 Wyckoff Avenue, NY

Area: 8,600 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2019

Role: Re-A.D as Design Architect, Architect of Record and Interior Designer

Wyckoff Manor: This is our newest project with Venn City, which will be their biggest co-working and event space in the Bushwick neighborhood. Formerly used as a night club and catering house, the existing building has a lot of characters, from wood floor to wainscoting millwork. We want to keep as much of the existing features and add more windows and skylights to brighten up the space, at the same time respecting all existing layers of the building.

Venn City is a neighborhood network of shared spaces around the block for the neighbors to come together. They're places where you can always go and feel at home, specifically created so you have room to work and play outside your four walls. You’ll see events pop up in these spaces, many of which are free for everyone in the neighborhood. If you want to create your own project or host an event, here is where you can do that.

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