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sunken garden gallery

type: renovation

client: private

program: commercial ground floor

location: west village, nyc, ny

budget: $600k

area: 1,750 sq.ft.

calendar: 2021

role: re-a.d as design architect, architect of record and interior designer

west village landmark: this art gallery, located on a quiet street of the west village, hosts an inverted skylight, that we call ‘sunken garden’, bringing light from above down into space through a sunken box that interrupts the continuity of the gallery space. the design aims at bringing together two private, yet social spaces: the terrace of the residential duplex above and a cultural program in the city at street level. each visitor will confront a new connection between 2 programs generally secluded one from the other in the city.

between old and new, our project offers a balance between historical significance and a transformation challenging the limit between public and private that sets the building for a flexible future.

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