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“The firm is committed to the careful consideration of how new architecture can work in concert with past layers to support a sustainable future”

Côme Ménage  

Our approach :

Re-A.D was founded by Côme Ménage in 2017 to revitalize historic structures and neighborhoods through the design of new buildings, renovations, and adaptive reuse projects. With a headquarters office in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York (including an art incubator exhibition space), and offices in Miami, Florida, and in Paris, France - all locations offering plenty of opportunities to renovate and complement existing buildings - the firm is committed to the careful consideration of how new architecture can work in concert with past layers of development to support a sustainable future.

The firm excels at the design of buildings for residential, commercial, hospitality, and cultural programs that introduce new construction into existing historic neighborhoods, and add to and repurpose existing historic structures with inventive and culturally relevant architectural interventions.

Founder Côme Ménage was recently honored with the Chicago Athenaeum and the European Centre for Architecture’s prestigious “Europe 40 under 40®” Architecture and Design Award for 2022-2023.


“Ménage’s many interests

bring richness and sustainable

thinking to the core of each

design and projects”



Entre Architect Podcast  

Our Projects:

Re-A.D’s success is demonstrated by commissions including the reconfiguration of a townhouse, with both a residence and a private art gallery space, in Manhattan’s West Village ; the revitalization of a full block of 11 townhouses on private Patchin Place, also in Manhattan’s West Village ; the renovation of the oldest surviving Federal-style townhouse in Brooklyn Heights; the creation of a seasonal artist and hospitality community on a 200-acre property that includes an existing castle, gardens, fields, and a forest, at Montverdun, 45 minutes west of Lyon, France ; and place-making projects that introduce sustainable public amenities, including public art with a focus on rainwater harvesting, to city centers.

Our Services:

Re-ad offers a wide range of services: in addition to architectural design, interior design, and construction administration, these include space planning, urban design, strategic planning, and brand architecture. In addition, the firm maintains strong relationships with collaborating design professionals, among them structural and mechanical engineers, environmental consultants, facade specialists, and landscape designers, and are always open to bringing in new expertise.


The firm works cooperatively with contractors, observing construction progress on site, providing field directives and clarifications, and representing the client’s interests as construction proceeds. Established relationships with specialty subcontractors such as millwork, flooring, metalwork, and other custom fabricators are deployed according to the needs of each project; and ongoing collaborations with artists enrich the firm’s private and public-realm projects alike.

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