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We are always looking for challenging commissions, especially those that will bring new life to their surroundings, and projects with high aspirations no matter the budget. We stand ready to undertake a wide variety of projects, from new construction and loft and townhouse renovations, including adaptive reuse and reprogramming projects, to visionary projects that improve the public realm, with particular interest in cultural and educational spaces that contribute to their local neighborhoods and communities.

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NYC office:

487 Driggs Avenue, 2nd floor, Brooklyn, NY, 11211, USA

Miami office:

4036 Malaga Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33133, USA

France office:

252 Rue de Rivoli, Paris 75001, France

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Our services

Re-A.D offers a wide range of services: in addition to architectural design, interior design, and construction administration, these include space planning, urban design, strategic planning, and brand architecture. In addition, the firm maintains strong relationships with collaborating design professionals, among them structural and mechanical engineers, environmental consultants, facade specialists, and landscape designers, and are always open to bringing in new expertise. The firm works cooperatively with contractors, observing construction progress on site, providing field directives and clarifications, and representing the client’s interests as construction proceeds. Established relationships with specialty subcontractors such as millwork, flooring, metalwork, and other custom fabricators are deployed according to the needs of each project; and ongoing collaborations with artists enrich the firm’s private and public-realm projects alike. 

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