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impulse festival cloud pavilion

type: installation
organized by: impulse festival
program: pavilion
location: chateau anand, saint-pierre-de-maillé, france
budget: -
calendar: delivered 2019
role: re-a.d as designer, marceau guerin as fabricator


(collaboration with orelle igounet)

impulse festival: impulse is a festival of new kind. in a remote french countryside, with a generous nature and a beautiful castle, young adults from around the world gather during four days to expand their consciousness. ecstatic dance dj’s from ny, well know therapists, international body & mind teachers create the container for a safe experience and mindful connections.


the mission of read was to plan space use for impulse. to produce a clear mapping read worked at the intersection of multiple constraints: anticipation of participant fluxes through the day, appreciation of specific needs for workshops, planning of weather sensitive alternatives, consideration of sun’s trajectory for pictures rendering and shadow management.


read second mission was to design a temporary pavilion to support participants through their inner journey. anchored on an existing earthwork in stone, a wood structure invites bystanders to keep a curious mind. a multitude of mirrors floating in all directions imbalance our horizon and blend the sky with the forest. a myriad of transparent curtains dancing with air movements filters the invisible and opens the possibility for new layers. as a physical support for the body, read disposed individual cocoons around the pavilion for relaxation and wandering.

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