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Millo Astoria Lobby

type: residential multi-family

client:  jade century properties

program: multi-family residential. 82 units

location: astoria, nyc, ny

budget: -

area: 55,000 sqft

calendar: delivered 2020

role: re-a.d as design architect and interior designer 

(Angelo + Anthony Ng Architects Studio, PC as architect of record, Jaemee Studio as landscape architect)

millo astria: millo’s is a boutique condominium that is well integrated into the neighborhood while displaying the signs of an intimate, contemporary living offering. the long facade introduces a rhythm of dark and light moments that activates the streetscape, exhibiting a village feel, making it the right fit for the neighborhood of astoria, queens.


by using contrast in the tones used and placing dark highlights on the balcony areas, a sense of depth is created within vertical pockets that defines the 3 segments of the building. moving from looking at the building within the streetscape to getting closer to the entrance is a dynamic experience. the resident gradually discovers new details that trigger an interest in discovering new features. the silver metal panels exhibit grooves that catch the light. they create texture and visual appeal, as well as bring a sense of human scale and coziness to the metal skin. this is the introduction to the sense of detail and intimacy that one will find inside their apartments. an instant classic.


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