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Re-A.D & MG Office I Brooklyn, NY

Type: Commercial + Culture 

Program: Office + Art Gallery 

Location: Williamsburg, NY  

Projected Area: 1000 sq.ft.

Calendar: May 2023

Re-A.D & Megan Grehl shares their newly opened headquarters located at the heart of Williamsburg. Envisioned as a hub for creative collaboration, an exclusive gallery space is positioned at the center of the office loft. The creative voices behind both firms dedicated this space for showcasing artists, up-and-coming furniture designers, and makers, highlighting the creative process of architecture and interior design and the close knit relationship of their field to other creatives.

With work desks made with reclaimed wood beams from Re-A.D’s previous projects, this is a space that celebrates the work both firms have produced and their ongoing design journey.

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