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Type: Custom Furniture
Production: On Demand
Location: NY
Role: Re-A.D as designer, Stan de Saint-Quentin as fabricator

Surfbench: winner of the category “Made in the Boroughs” NYCxdesign awards 2020


As designers, we strongly believe that every creation is unique to its environment. This is on our mind from the abstract phases of design, in thinking how can a piece contribute to its own environment; to the more concrete phases of fabrication: local. sustainable… made in the boroughs.


Surfbench challenges the idea that furniture can be placed in any setting. It was designed as a naturally incomplete piece that needs the support of its context to make it whole. Its shape immediately sparks a dialogue between the natural world and the human-made object.

Surfbench is a passion project, each instance is built with our own hands. Contact us to inquire about setting up your own Surfbench in the environment of your choice. We are currently exploring fabrication techniques with various materials meant for indoor and outdoor uses.

The shape is initially assembled out of a CNC-cut grid, filled-in with the desired finish, and finally hand-sculpted. The original bench surface is laminated with a linen mat, hardened with bio-sourced epoxy resin. Technology meets sustainable and local artisanship. Solid block version of the bench is also available on request!

We are honored and humbled by this prestigious recognition. We will keep pushing this passion project to its completion, true to our values of sustainability in design. We can’t wait to bring our surfbench to your environments.


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