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Barachou I NYC



Type: Food & Beverage Retail

Client: Barachou nyc

Program: Pastry Shop

Location: 449 Amsterdam Avenue, Upper West Side, NY

Area: 600 sq.ft.

Calendar: Delivered 2019

role: Re-A.D as design architect, architect of record and interior designer

Barachou: Starting this fall, Parisian entrepreneur Rebecca Tison brings a delicate French bakery to the heart of the Upper West Side. Barachou is a store dedicated to the "chou," a small piece of cream, sugar, and bread mostly unknown to New Yorkers. Mrs. Tison's audacity goes beyond the business focus. She opted for a highly local marketing strategy, focusing on a unique retail point rather than online branding and delivery services. Read Architecture Design describes the critical multi-mission it was given as "an inclusive brand & design package."


In a landmark district characterized by brick & mortar buildings, the creative team at RE-AD had to come up with a unique solution. Forced to maintain the current design of the storefront, the choice went for a sharp color-split on the shop walls. Through the large windows, the vibrant pink married to a relaxing white stand out and naturally catches pedestrians' attention.


Re-A.D's involvement also covered the product staging and the client shopping experience. Acknowledging the small size of the chou, a bold decision was advised as to reduce the depth of the store by half. The purpose was to bring the bakery closer to the street and use the colorful sugar toppings to arouse curiosity and playfulness, key marketing positions for Barachou.


The final twist was a neutral grey flooring and subtle white counter in bio-sourced resin. As the client receives his choice of chou, a natural contrast pops out between the background and the color-mix of chou caps.

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