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Envisioned as a hub for creative collaboration, an exclusive gallery space is positioned at the center of the Re-A.D and MEGAN GREHL headquarters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The creative voices behind both firms dedicated this space for showcasing artists, up-and-coming furniture designers, and makers, highlighting the creative process of architecture and interior design and the close knit relationship of their field to other creatives.

Current Exhibition

Algunas Lagunes


As a "mapmaker" of sorts, I compose my work as multiplicities of vibrant topographies and chromatic stories, as varied and changeable as human emotions. My practice is deeply rooted in nature, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of fractals and repeating patterns. I use molding and casting techniques to create thousands of unique variations of this element, playing with size, shape, and material.

My process is repetitive, precise, and almost industrial in nature, requiring endurance and a meditative state of mind. I often connect specific memories to the slow process of making the artwork, questioning the symbolism attached to collected objects and how insignificant trinkets can suddenly become personal relics.

Through the creation of replicas, I’m exploring the concepts of essence and repetition. I capture the ephemeral and isolate the shape, juxtaposing the fragile against the solid and the uniqueness against the reproduction.

Ultimately, I aim to create a sensory experience for the viewer by using color, scale, and armies of organic elements that stand together as a united collective, intentionally confusing the original organic element. My heavily textured pieces draw the viewer in to see each module's uniqueness, much like an unknown piece of land that has yet to be discovered. - Sarah Philouze


Sarah Philouze 

Sarah Philouze is a French installation artist, born in 1987. She divides her time between New York and Mexico City. Philouze's work is driven by a deep fascination with the intricate patterns found in nature.


Her extensive collection of plant specimens and organic elements serves as a constant source of inspiration. Initially, Philouze pursued studies at Ecole Duperré in Paris, where her artistic practice gradually transformed into scenography. She began exploring how these curious objects from nature could be incorporated into physical spaces, giving rise to immersive installations. ​

Currently residing in Mexico, Philouze actively seeks out new specimens to inspire her upcoming series of works. Her artistic practice challenges viewers' perceptions of the natural world, while delicately capturing the beauty and arrangements found within it.

Past Programs

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